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Using goats for weed control in Montana

THERE'S A WAR going on in Montana, and it is having devastating consequences on our landscape.

    Noxious weeds are enemy No. 1 of Montana farmers and ranchers. And spraying herbicides like Roundup on your weeds is shown to have dangerous effects on your health.

     But it's time to fight back in the war on noxious weeds by using goats for weed control in Montana.

And that’s where MONTANA GOAT COMPANY comes in.

Environmentally SAFE weed control

MONTANA GOAT COMPANY offers a safe, herbicide-free solution to your weed problem. 

     Goats are a natural way to reduce your noxious weeds, whether in your back yard or on your ranch, and goats are a perfect solution to organic farming and ranching, where herbicides are prohibited.

    By using 20 to 100 animals, we can focus on problem areas, and maximize results in a short amount of time.

We bring in electric netting to protect your property (and our goats), and depending on your situation, we move the fencing every few days to maximize results of our weed-eating goats. We work with you and your particular situation of land size, weed control goals, and budget.

     By partnering with Montana Goat Company you can develop a longterm solution to your noxious weed management, whether you have five acres or 500.

Brush removal for fire protection

Goats are natural browsers, and they love to eat things from the ground, up to about six feet — making them highly useful for getting into the nitty gritty areas that you don't want to venture into with a chainsaw.

Used correctly and without overgrazing, the goats will take out the brush and wood debris, leaving your acreage nicely parked-out.



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