HERD control

How we manage goats on your land

This is your land and we want to make sure we respect your property.

MONTANA GOAT COMPANY works with you to develop a comprehensive schedule and plan for how goats are going to be brought onto your property, keeping them out of sensitive areas or away from certain areas.


We install electric netting, which keeps the goats in the specific places you want treated. The fencing also keeps predators like coyotes, mountain lions and dogs away from our goats.​ (It's important that children are kept away from the fencing.)

We supply watering troughs and we monitor the goats frequently to see how they're doing. Depending on your particular situation, you can be a part of the team and if you choose, help with watering and surveillance. This reduces your costs, and allows you to be part of this unique weed-management strategy. 

Then when the fencing is set up, which takes about a day, our goats are brought in by trailer, 20 at a time, and they go right to work.

We can work on acreage from back yards to 500 acres.

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